Cardio Dance Party

Unleash your Spirit!

Are you going to be attending your first class? If so, please register online ahead of time to guarantee a space, as many classes DO fill up to capacity!
Please note that online registration closes 4 hrs prior to the start of each class. If you've missed registering before this window, then you're welcome to attend if space permits for the drop in rate of $12. 
On the day of your class, please arrive
5-10 minutes early to check in. You will DEFINITELY want to bring a water bottle with you and a towel. We have fun, but we will make you 
SWEAT for sure!

Welcome to Cardio Dance Party, where you dance, get lost in the music, and express your unique self.

Fun, Dance and Fitness is what we're all about. Our passionate instructors, upbeat music and fun dance moves will keep you engaged and excited at every class.

Join a class today at a location near you!

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Transform your body with CDP classes and the 

 Transform 30 Program!!! 

This is the best program out there that we have ever found! It combines principles / secrets that all of our instructors use to keep themselves in great shape. It will help you get your diet on track by providing tons of support, tools, inspiration and so much
more to help you succeed in achieving all of your goals! It is all about eating clean, eating whole foods, NOT being hungry, while getting incredible results in the process. 

For more information go to
or talk to one of our instructors

Check out our new classes at 
Step-N-Out Dance Studio in Covington
721 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011
Here is the schedule: 

6:30pm CDP Crunch
(CDP + abs. Bring a mat.) 

6pm CDP
(Our traditional CDP class that you know and love.)



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For more information please call at (513) 617 9498 or email at
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